Stop the Hate: Trademarking Mouchette

Due to her popularity, Mouchette's name is increasingly being used by fans and detractors alike without her consent. Fraudulent Mouchette pages have appeared all over the internet, diverting thousands of her fans to fake and sometimes hateful sites she has nothing to do with. Lately an entire domain targeting Mouchette has been registered and set up:

drivedrive com has decided to help little Mouchette protect her brand from hatemongers and imitators. With the help of our volunteer trademarking assistance committee, 12 year old Mouchette is trademarking her name. As well, we have launched a special anti-hate initiative to counteract the fraudulent Mouchettes proliferating on the internet. To help create a community of awareness, please forward this page to a friend. Click here.

To join in Mouchette's defense, please sign this petition:


I protest the abuse directed against Mouchette: